Jim Mang

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Jim Mang
Residing In: Canyon Country, CA USA
Spouse/Partner: Ann Mang
Occupation: Retired
Children: Kristie Mang Leiner, daughter
Brandon Leiner, 27, grandson
Griffin Leiner, 22, grandson
More… Preston Leiner,18, grandson
Michael J. Mang, son
Brooke Mang, 27, granddaughter
Chad Mang, 23, grandson
Yes! Attending Reunion

Ann and I were married in 1966. Kristie was born in 1967 and Mike in 1969. We moved to the Santa Clarita area in 1969 when we outgrew the small two bedroom home we were renting in Granada Hills. In 1976 we moved to Acton and enjoyed horses, chickens, turkeys, pigs, goats, and miscellaneous wildlife on our five acres. Mike liked dirt biking in the hills, but other than a short time on horseback, Kristie was a city girl and didn't

School Story:

Our senior class had ditch day at Disneyland. Everyone had dinner in the Disneyland Hotel and our instructions were to stay in the hotel until the buses were to be boarded. Well, Leon Woodrow and I decided to hop on the monorail and go back into the park for just a short time. When we got to the park, we found that the Carnation Company had rented the whole park for a private party. We talked our way in and went to a location that had a band and dancing. After a few dances, we decided it was time to head back. We hopped on the monorail hoping to arrive back in time to get on the bus without anyone noticing that we had been gone. The monorail had mechanical problems and we were stuck for 40 to 50 minutes up in the air. By the time the monorail was approaching the hotel, we could see that all the buses were gone except one. We knew we were in big trouble!
When the monorail door opened, we started running at top speed to get to the bus. Jim being Jim, of course, tried to run through a turnstile the wrong way and knocked the whole thing down. We just kept running for two reasons. One was to get to the bus and the other was so we wouldn't get caught for damaging the turnstile! We made the bus, but not without some punishment. We were not allowed to attend another senior function at the fairgrounds.

There are many other stories I could tell, but I don't want to incriminate myself or others who may seek revenge!


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