In Memory

Linda Councilman (Dodge)

This is From Linda Councilman's cousin Janie Councilman (1965)

My cousin, Linda Jane Councilman was born on May 6, 1944, in Escondido, California (maybe Vista) to Raymond Frank Councilman (1912-1969) and Adeline Mottino (1915-1999). They moved to Hemet as early as I can remember, maybe 1950, and they lived out on Cornell street by Danny Dressler and near Tom McMorran. Auntie Adeline used to baby sit me, or more truthfully oversee Linda Jane baby sit me. She was one of the most wonderful people I have ever known. She was always kind and generous. She never teased or hurt me. She took very good care of me. I loved her so much. Sometimes we played with Danny. One time Linda Jane wet her pants and was afraid to get in trouble so she convinced me to do it, too. Auntie Adeline was mad all right, and spanked Linda Jane. It scared me so bad I ran away and ended up over at McMorans house and Mrs McMoran called my mother. Mrs McMoran was very nice. Actually, Auntie Adeline was super nice, they just had different disciplinary rules at their house.

Anyway, after graduation from high school, Linda Jane married Dick Dodge on August 8, 1964. They were married for a long time but finally did divorce. They never had any children. She passed away on December 19,1993. I was there. I miss and love you so much Linda Jane. She is also survived by her brother Tommy, who also misses her.

Jane Councilman Weaver